Slim revives the beauty of big planks or herringbone wood floors, even for those who have limited space and a low thickness available, with a reasonable price and a high quality 100% made in Italy. It’s the two-layer Stile wood floors collection, 10 mm thickness, entirely made of oak with four different widths: 70-90-140-180 mm. It’s made with a light brushing and available in 10 colours, with different sizes and grades, finished with the highly resistant Naturale UV finish.

  • Glued down installationYes
    Floating installationNo
    Edgebevels long sides
    Lengths and widths
    140 mm 5 1/2"

    1000 mm 3' 3'   2000 mm 6'7"  
    2,5 mm 3/32''
    10 mm 3/8"
  • Glued down installationYes
    Floating installationYes
    Edgebevels long sides
    Lengths and widths
    180 mm 7" 1/16

    1500 mm 4' 11"   2200 mm 7' 1/2"  
    2,5 mm 3/32"
    10 mm 3/8"

After one year

  • Oak
Skirting boards, joints, treads, retaining edges and frames to be combined with Stile products.

Mixed texture, straight and flamed, with colour even contrasting. Possible presence of small healthy knots in some planks.


Country grade: mixed texture wavy grain with frequent even big knots. Sapwood traces may be present.

Naturale UV

High resistance acrylic varnish dried with UV lamps. It combines the natural feeling of the wood conveyed by an oiled finish with the high performance granted by the varnish.
This innovative finish, unlike standard varnishes, allows an easy maintenance and local repairing.


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