Listone 19/22

Lengths and widths
90 mm 3 9/16’’

140 mm 5 1/2’’
800 mm 2’ 8’’   19/22 mm 6’ 7’’  
With clips
19/22 mm 13/16’’ - 7/8’’
With screws at sight
19/22 mm 13/16’’ - 7/8’’
Support materials quantity / sqm
batten (21x50/60 mm) 3 (m. lin)
inox self-tapping screws(4 x 40) 50 (boxes with 100)
outdoor inox steel screws (4 x 70) (fastening of support SE)
(fissaggio travetto/supporto SE)
5 (boxes with 200)
clips (clips + screws for g/g joint)fig. 1/2/3 35
fixed support (EH12, EH15, EH20) 5
adjustable support (SE1, SE2, SE3) 5


fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3
Fixed EH support
Fixed supports, not adjustable in height, to use in case of square tiles laying. In case of planks floors, the batten of the structure below must be laid just placed, diagonal in the middle of the head tongues.

Adjustable SE support:
Support adjustable in height to be used to recover differences in level or slopes so as to obtain a flat surface. The support “SE”head can be of three types:
1) Smooth self-levelling: for the laying of battens under the structure.
2) Self-levelling with tongues: for the laying of square tiles on an inclined floor.
3) Fixed with tongues: for the laying of square tiles on a flat floor.
fixed support height
12 mm
15 mm
20 mm
adjustable support height
37,5/50 mm
50/75 mm
75/120 mm


Special treatments
Lavorazione Antiscivolo