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All personal data submitted to send a message or to request all information using the e-mail address provided will be forwarded to Stile società cooperativa - Vat No. 03517800540. Stile società cooperativa processes and uses all personal data provided in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 in relation to the protection of any kind of person and body from the processing of personal data. The aforementioned provision of personal data is optional and discretional. All personal data will be processed for promotional and statistical aims throughout IT and Telematic technologies or throughout traditional means of communication in accordance with the aforementioned aims and in a way to guarantee personal data protection. All website users' personal data will be stored at Stile società cooperativa, Via dei Laghi, 18 - Trestina, Città Di Castello - 06018 (PG) - Italy / Vat No. 03517800540. All users' personal data could be forwarded within Stile società cooperativa group only to reach the aforementioned aims. The user at any moment can exercise all rights towards Stile società cooperativa within the meaning of the Art. No.7 (*) of the aforementioned Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 by sending at Stile società cooperativa, located in Via dei Laghi, 18 - Trestina, Città Di Castello - 06018 (PG) - Italy a letter by post.

By clicking on "SEND" the user will give the authorization to process the personal data in relation to the aforementioned aims and procedures. (*) Art. No. 7 of the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003:

All users can be provided with the confirmation on the existence or not of the personal data also in case personal data has not been stored yet throughout a communication in a comprehensible form.

The user has the right to be provided with all information in relation to:

  1. The origin of personal data;
  2. The aims and the personal data processing procedures;
  3. The procedures carried out when personal data is processed throughout electronic tools;
  4. All information related to the chairman, the person in charge and the appointed delegate within the meaning of the Art. No. 5 par. No. 2;
  5. All members of staff, categories of members of staff, national appointed delegate, person in charge or officers whom personal data has been forwarded or communicated.

The user has the right to be provided with the:

  1. Update, amendment or the integration of all personal data (if requested by the user);
  2. Cancellation, the anonymous transformation or the block of all data provided if processed against the law. These procedures have to be put into force also for all personal data that has not been stored and processed for the aforementioned aims;
  3. The demonstration that all procedures stated in points a) and b) are known, also in relation to their contents, to those people whom personal data has been communicated or forwarded except the case this compliance cannot be put into force or it implies the usage of means not appropriated to the recognized right.

The user can partially or totally stand out against:

  1. The processing of personal data related to the aforementioned aim. This proceedings can be carried out only if it complies with lawful reasons;
  2. The processing of personal data in relation to the delivery of advertisements, direct sale, market surveys or commercial communications.