Collections 2016

Style, which for over fifty years means "Made in Italy", is proud to present the new 2016 Collections.
This is a very important year in Stile as we have revolutionized and innovated all the Collections range, adding finishes, creating entire new collections, new materials and treatments, optimizing the production, to introduce the best available on the market at very attractive conditions .
In particular, the Collections of Style 2016 are the following :


  • SLIM: Slim revives the beauty of big planks or herringbone wood floors, even for those who have limited space and a low thickness available, with a reasonable price and a high quality 100% made in Italy. It’s the two-layer Stile wood floors collection, 10 mm thickness, entirely made of oak with four different widths: 70-90-140-180 mm. It’s made with a light brushing and available in 10 colours, with different sizes and grades, finished with the highly resistant Naturale UV finish;
  • STILNOVO: Two-layer wood floor collection available in 10 wood species to be combined with a wide range of sizes, grades and finishes. Seven sizes: from 70 mm wide to the big plank 240 mm wide. All of them available with oil, varnish and the unique Naturale UV and Traffic UV finishes;
  • CONTEMPORARY: Space to colour. The use of innovative alkaline-based products and the combination with fine pigments create na unique and three-dimensional texture, highlighting both the sinuosity of the grains and the material character of the natural product. Entirely made of Oak, it’s available in four sizes: 120- 140-180-240 mm wide;
  • CRAFTED: Crafted is the Collection dedicated to floors with finishes made by combining expert handicraft with the most advanced technology in the application of resistant and long-lasting finishes such as Naturale UV and Traffic UV. The combination of distressing, brushing and hand scraping makes this collection the best for those who love wood in its most traditional aspect. Entirely made of oak it’s available in four sizes: 120-140-180-240 mm wide;
  • SMOKED: A collection made with slightly brushed“ smoked” Oak. The special treatment with reagents allows the natural tannin of wood to colour and emphasize the grains and the planks characteristics. By using this material as a platform, other warm and intense shades were created: they match the antique character with the modern aesthetic trends. It’s available in 4 sizes: 120-140-180-240 mm wide, all with Naturale UV finish
  • STILE-LAB: Technology is keeping renewing itself and provide new opportunities to develop new products and applications. From applying a thick lacquering treatment to match every color, to the application of real metal laminas on the wood or by adopting the digital printing technique that can reproduce any texture of picture on the wood. Stilelab is all that! Furthermore Stilelab is all about custom products and finishes, that give the chance to architects and designers to create together with Stile the best personalized solution for their projects;
  • HERMITAGE: The big experience in the treatment of a wide range of wood species and the neverending development of modern technologies, led to the creation of a new line of inlays.
    The wide range of inlays is shown in three different lines of application: decorated floors, for those who love to characterize in a special way their house with refinely decorated components which, laid one close to another, create an elegant and important floor; borders : decorative borders which represent the ideal choice for those who want to enrich their wood floor, making it even more glamourous and refined; designs : made with selected wood species are proposed in different solutions studied to enrich the rooms with different styles (modern, classic, country) and surfaces.;
  • STILDECK: Stildeck is the collection of wood flooring for outdoors. Available in Teak, it can be installed with clips or with screws at sight.