Stile Warranty

Stile Società Cooperativa (trading as Stile), with Headquarters in Trestina, Città di Castello (PG), in via dei Laghi n.18, 06012 Bivio Lugnano, VAT n.03517800540, tel. and fax +39 075 854 706, e-mail stile@stile.com, certified business and member of the most important national and international associations in the field, is present on the market with an avant-garde and high quality product, thanks to its long experience as well as the use
of modern and innovative technology. Stile pays maximum attention to every step of the production cycle, from the selection of raw materials to the attention to details. Stile, in addition to the warranty required by law (Legislative Decree 6 September 2015, n.206), provides at no additional costs the following additional commercial warranty.

Warranty Object
The warranty provided refers to manufacturing defects of the product, as well as material faults, including raw materials and every other material and component used in the manufacturing process, such as glues and varnishes. In presence of one of the above conditions, Stile will assure the restoration of the damaged floor within the terms and conditions agreed. The validity of this warranty is subject to:
Acceptance and subscription of what mentioned above by the buyer at the time of the sale or product trial;
Compliance of the buyer responsibilities.

This warranty doesn’t include:
1) Defects of aesthetic nature, that don’t compromise the functionality of the product
2) Damages due to external causes of any nature (such us, including but not limited to, flooding, humidity infiltration, climate changes, etc.) not directly connected to manufacturing defects of the floor or caused by negligence or incompetence during the installation when the common craftsmanship rules were not applied.
3) Damages due to errors, defects or faults known by the buyer before the installation of the floor presenting this damage and to which this guarantee applies to
4) Damages due to improper maintenance and use of floor
5) Intentional damages caused fraudulently by the buyer
6) Indirect damages, such as no longer access to the premises, dismantling, moving of window fixtures and furniture, hotel accommodation, etc.
7) Intangible damage

Duration of the Warranty
The warranty is valid for a period of 25 years from the invoice date for installations with residential purposes and 10 years for commercial.

Application of the Warranty
In case the buyer notices a defect of the product included within those mentioned in this warranty, is requested to:
1) Immediately notify Stile via fax or recorded delivery with all the details, at least within 8 days from the discovery;
2) Try to limit as much as possible the entity of the damage;
3) Provide Stile, or the appointed member of staff, all the information, documents and proof requested
4) Keep the damaged parts and allow Stile or the appointed members of staff, to carry out tests and allow data collection The reparation can take place only after an inspection from the appointed member of staff has been carried out. This will have to take place within 15 days from the official communication (see point 1).

Fraudulent amplification of the damage
This warranty doesn’t apply in case the buyer facilitates the progression of the damages, fraudulently alters or exaggerates any traces or residues, declares as destroyed things that didn’t exist, hide, subtract or sabotage material and uses as justifications fraudulent documents or means