Untreated surface in order to emphasize the wood texture. Ready to be finished according to the customer’s wish right after installation.


Neutral oil treatment. It preserves the beauty and the nature of the wood. This kind of finish requires specific procedures for ordinary maintenance.

Raw UV

This new finish represents the maximum naturalness achievable and is the result of Bona’s continuous research to enhance the essence of the raw material “Wood” at its best. Available only for the Stilnovo collection, it was created to better appreciate the natural colours of each wood species once again.

Naturale UV

High resistance acrylic varnish dried with UV lamps. It combines the natural feeling of the wood conveyed by an oiled finish with the high performance granted by the varnish. This innovative finish, unlike standard varnishes, allows an easy maintenance and local repairing.

Varnished UV

Varnished UV is an acrilic finish with medium-high resistence, very smooth and gives a perfect combination between naturalness and brightness.

Traffic UV

The most used high resistance varnish in the world is now exclusively available on Stile’s prefinished floors. Very high protection toward the stamping, completely transparent grants a great performance and an easy maintenance.


Innovating means trying to make simpler and functional what is already naturally beautiful.
Finishes Naturale UV and Traffic UV developed in collaboration with Bona, world leader for wood floor Finishes, allow Stile to choose the most suitable and performing finish for the chosen wood floor.
Natural UV finish allows you to have two uncommon elements in only one finish: the protection and practicality of a Varnished floor as well as the naturality and restoration typical of oil Finishes.
After the big success of Natural UV finish, Stile and Bona have decided to make Traffic, the world mostly used high
resistance varnish, available exclusively on Stile prefinished floors.

The Traffic UV finish looks like the Varnished finish: same gloss (around 20) and same smoothness. The only difference is a special component applied on the Traffic application process that give the special resistance at the abrasion for this finish that is particularly suited for heavy traffic locations (airports, hotels,  stores, etc.)