Private House, Boston

Contemporary Seul Casual

Academia Hotel, Athens

Contemporary Baku Herringbone

Private House, Los Gatos California

Stilnovo Afrormosia Trend Naturale UV 15 x 140 mm

Samsung Model House

Smoked Casual California 15 x 240 mm

Shinyoung Model House

Stilnovo Oak Trend Naturale UV 10 x 140

Private House, Washington DC

Stilnovo Oak Country Brushed Custom Color Naturale UV

Private House, Israel

Stilnovo Oak Country Naturale UV 15 x 240 mm

Gelsomino Hotel, Kos

Contemporary Seoul Mixed grade Herringbone 10 x 70 x 450 mm

Private House, Shangai

Contemporary Baku Trend Grade Naturale UV French Herringbone 15 x 120 x 676

Princess Margaret Lottery Home

Strip Dublino Mixed Grade Naturale UV 12 x 40 mm

National Automobile Dealers Association, USA

Stilnovo Oak 15(4)x180 Trend Raw UV

Gallery for Modern Arts, Sofia

Stilnovo Cabreuva 10x90 Trend Traffic French Herringbone

Pacific Cocktail Haven, San Francisco

Crafted Dublino 15x180 Traffic Uv Casual

New York Power Authority

Slim Malt 10 x 140 mm Trend

Bank of America, San Francisco

Slim Malt XL Trend Nat UV

Private House Istanbul

Stilnovo Iroko, Trend Varnished

Ripple, San Francisco

Teak 10X120 Naturale UV Italian Herringbone

Arezzo Building Residencial, Hong Kong

Stilnovo Rovere Smoked Dark Casual

Saville Studley, Chicago

Slim, Milk and Salt

Atel Capital Group

Stilnovo Rovere

Abbazia San Francesco di Paola

Hermitage Oak, Afrormosia

Club Roma


Coin Store

Stilnovo OAK Antique

Hotel Boscolo, Nice

Stilnovo, Teak Naturale UV