Stile’s 10 reasons

Stile’s 10 reasons

Selecting a hard wood floor is not a trivial choice. The woods aesthetics are important but the characteristics that determine the quality are not immediately recognisable. For this reason we believe it is important to know both the product and the manufacturer totally transparent to ensure that your purchase meets your expectations. Stile will help you to understand with ten reasons for choosing our flooring products.

1. Made in Italy

The Italian flag is not just arbitrarily applied to the company’s packaging and catalogues but has been used since 1965 as an indication of quality. We bring the MADE IN ITALY quality to over twenty countries around the world.

2. Raw Materials

Quality starts here! We select the best types of wood that above all are seasoned  and dried in our factory over a long period to guarantee their maximum “stability” over time.

3. Production

Using the most advanced technology allows Stile to carry out and monitor the entire production process (gluing, pressing, varnishing and shaping). Unlike those who import finished or semi-finished products of dubious origin, Stile is able to trace 100% all stages of production, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

4. Service

The new generation of automated warehouse allows for much more efficient logistical organisation, and offer a unique logistical supply.

5. Certifications

Stile is a transparent company that has obtained all the necessary, certified guarantees for quality and compliance with all legal considerations and in particular consumer protection.

6. Sustainability

 FSC certified raw materials, modern production facilities and the reduction of environmental impact in respect to all health and safety regulations allows Stile’s products to be labelled as “Environmentally Friendly”.

7. Product Range

We offer the widest range of wood flooring products. Pre-finished floors in several collections and solid wood design and outdoor flooring, are available. All “Made in Italy” products meet the most stringent of demands.

8. Finishes

Thanks to Stile’s partnership with Bona, a world leader in wooden floor finishes, Stile has unique finishes available such as Natural UV and Traffic UV. Its unique performance and advantages in terms care and maintenance are unrivalled in the market.

9. Flexibility

The wide range of wood, formats, types of products and finishes gives the customer the chance to find the right solution for their own personal needs.

10. Price

The price reflects the value of the product: too low a price inevitably corresponds to a lesser quality product. Stile’s products represent the best combination of “quality and price” considering how the parquet is manufactured, the backing material that is used and the need for the vanish and glue to be absolutely safe for those who will have to live with it for years to come in their own homes.

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